Murket Surveillance and Intelligence Department

Market Surveillance and Intelligence department monitors trading activities in the stock exchanges to limit and prevent any kind of market misconduct such as illegal short selling, insider trading, market manipulation and other market abuses by handling various alerts generated by InstantWatch Market Surveillance system.

  • Assessment of those alerts generated by ‘InstantWatch’ market surveillance system.
  • Actions taken after assessment of alerts:

                   - Dismissal of alerts

                   - Query to market intermediaries

                   - Conduction of enquiry/investigation

                   - Referred to SRI/investigation department

                   - Referred to Enforcement department

                   - Set up a pinpoint of alert trigger

                   - Continue investigation by creating a case

  • Day-to-day monitoring of market activities

The department is headed by Mr. Mohammad Rezaul Karim, Executive Director (General).            

Officers of the Market Surveillance and Intelligence Department:

Executive Director:  
Mr. Mohammad Rezaul Karim Executive Director (General)   
Mr. Sheikh Mahbub Ur Rahman Director (General)   
Mr. Rajib Ahmed Director (MIS)  
Additional Director:
Mr. Mohammad Delowar Hossain Additional Director (General)   
Ms. Umme Salma Additional Director (General)   
Deputy Director:
Ms. Mahmuda Shireen Deputy Director (General)   
 Mr. Muhammad Oarisul Hasan Rifat Deputy Director (MIS)  
Assistant Director    
Mr. Ziaur Rahman Assistant Director (General)