Law Department

The main functions of this department are:

  • To prepare the plaint/complaint and written statement/Affidavit-in-Opposition on behalf of the commission and to furnish the same to the conducting lawyers of the Commission.
  • To Communicate with the conducting lawyers and to provide them with necessary information regarding the pending cases;
  • To act any function in the courts as per the instruction of the Commission (i.e to make deposition, to sign Affidavit etc);
  • To opine on different issues of other departments;
  • To prepare Annual and Quarterly report; and
  • To execute any other routine work;
  • To send the information to the Ministry as required.

The department is headed by Mr. Md. Mahbuber Rahman Chaudhury, Executive Director (Legal Service).

Officers of the Law Department: 

Executive Director:
Mr. Md. Mahbuber Rahman Chaudhury Executive Director (Legal Service)  
Mr. A.S.M. Mahmudul Hasan Director (Legal Service)  
Additional Director:
 Mr. Muhammad Ziaur Rahman Additional Director (Legal Service)  
Deputy Director:
Mr. Munshi Md. Enamul Haque Deputy Director (General)  
Mr. Towhid Hassan Deputy Director (Legal Service)  
Mr. Shahrier Perves Deputy Director (Legal Service)