Financial Literacy Department

Financial Literacy department deals with training, education and allied matter related to Nationwide Financial Literacy Program of BSEC.

The vision of the Financial Literacy Program is to provide financial education to each and every people of Bangladesh. More precisely, BSEC wants to make individuals understood at their level of needs, the role of money in their lives, the need and use of savings, the advantages of using formal financial sectors, various ways to convert their savings into investments, develop self-protection through understanding risks and a realistic recognition of the attributes of these options.

Financial literacy gives the twin benefit of protecting from financial frauds as well as planning for financially secured future. Financial literacy gives consumers the necessary knowledge and skills required to assess the suitability of various financial products and investment opportunities available in the financial market.

The department is headed by Mr. Mohammed Shafiul Azam, Executive Director 

Officers of the Financial Literacy Department:

Executive Director:
Mr. Mohammed Shafiul Azam Executive Director   
Mr. Abu Rayhan Mohammad Mutasim Billah Director   
Additional Director:
Mr. Hafiz Mohammed Harunur Rasid Additional Director   
Deputy Director:    
Mr. Md. Bony Yeamin Khan Deputy Director   
Assistant Director:    
Mr. Ziaur Rahman Assistant Director   
Mr. Md. Zakir Hossain Assistant Director  
Mr. Mohammed Ismail Hosain  Assistant Director   
Mr. Md Mahedi Hasan Assistant Director  
Mr. Md. Ariful Islam Assistant Director