Corporate Finance Department (CFD)

Following matters of listed companies are the working area of Corporate Finance Department:

  • Supervision & monitoring of compliance of Corporate Governance Guidelines (CGG);
  • Supervision & monitoring of proper preparation and presentation of financial statements in compliance with the International Accounting Standards (IAS) as applicable in Bangladesh and also in compliance with the securities laws;
  • Supervision & monitoring of the audit work as per International Standard of Auditing (ISA) as applicable in Bangladesh;
  • Supervision of timely submission of quarterly audited/unaudited financial statements and annual audited financial statements;
  • Examination of submitted financial statements;
  • Taking of  necessary actions/steps for non-compliances regarding financial statements and Corporate Governance Guidelines (CGG);
  • Supervision & monitoring of appointment of statutory auditors  in compliance with the Securities laws; and
  • Monitoring of the proper utilization of IPO/ RPO/ rights issue proceeds;

The department is headed by  Mr. Md. Anowarul Islam, Executive Director.

Officers of the Corporate Finance Department (CFD): 

Executive Director:
  Mr. Md. Anowarul Islam   Executive Director  
Mr. Ripan Kumar Debnath Director  
Joint Director:
Mr. Mohammad Shamsur Rahman Joint Director  
Mr. Md. Iqbal Hossain Joint Director  
Assistant Director:
Mr. Md. Shahnows Assistant Director  
Mr. Mawdud Momen Assistant Director