No. SEC/CMRRCD/2001-07/320                                                 Dated : 9th June 2004



Whereas, the Securities and Exchange Commission considers it to be expedient that certain further amendments should be made in the Commission’s Order No. SEC/CMRRCD/2001-07/307 dated 11th May, 2004 issued to the Dhaka Stock Exchange Ltd. and the Chittagong Stock Exchange Ltd. concerning the ‘Guidelines for Regulating the Share Price Movement in the Stock Exchange Tradings’ in the interest of investors in securities and the capital market as well;


Now, therefore, in exercise of the power conferred by section 34, sub-section (4) of the Securities and Exchange Ordinance, 1969 (XVII of 1969), the Securities and Exchange Commission hereby directs the Dhaka Stock Exchange Ltd. and the Chittagong Stock Exchange Ltd. to make the following further amendments in the said Guidelines, effective from the first trading day commencing on 19th June 2004, namely;-


“In the said Order No. SEC/ CMRRCD/2001-07/307 dated 11th May, 2004;-


1.     The existing price limits prescribed in sub-serial 1.1, under serial I, shall also be applicable for ‘A’-category companies.


2.     The existing serial II shall be replaced  by the following new serial II, namely:-


II. Relaxation of the price limits upon receipt of certain price sensitive declaration from the listed companies.-


(i)             In case of receipt of the price sensitive information like rights issue, bonus issue and dividend from the listed company, free trade may be allowed on the subsequent trading day, and after that day, the prescribed price limits shall be applicable.

(ii)           In case of trade haltage for a full trading day during three trading day just before the beginning of the book closure date, because of the above-said price sensitive information, the Share Price Movement Regulating Committee (SPMRC) of respective stock exchange may allow free trade in respective scrip once only for half an-hour with effect from 12:00 noon on the first trading day subsequent to the trade haltage day, under intimation to SEC in writing.’’.


                                                               By order of the

                                                              Securities and Exchange Commission



Distribution:                                                                  Mansur Alam

Dhaka Stock Exchange Ltd.                                                       Executive Director

Chittagong Stock Exchange Ltd.