Securities and Exchange Commission

Enforcement Department

Monthly Report

4th July 2004


The Commission during June 2004 took following enforcement actions:


Sl. No.


Nature of default/Appeal

Commissionís decision



Failure to pay off the dividend declared by Central Insurance Company Limited within 60 days of declaration in terms of the erstwhile CCIís Notification No. SRO. 385-Law/91 dated 15th December 1991, being the order made under section 2G of the Securities and Exchange Ordinance, 1969.


Letter issued with warning to comply with all securities laws in future.



Non payment of clientís money and non delivery of share by Dhaka Stock Exchange dealer Syed Tawfiq Hossain Ali and Company (DSE Member No. 49)


Considering the DSEís letter No.DSE/2004/1716 dated 6th June 2004, the directive given earlier (for freeze of membership) has been withdrawn.







Farhad Ahmed

Executive Director