Fixed Price

SL. Name of the Company Consent DateSub.Open DateSub.Close DateNBR.Close DateAmount (BDT)Prospectus
1New Line Clothings Limited 22 Jan,201918 Feb,201928 Feb,201928 Feb, 201930.00 Crore
2Esquire Knit Composite Ltd.11 Dec,201806 Jan,201920 Jan,201920 Jan, 2019150.00 Crore
3Genex Infosys Limited22 Oct,201818 Nov,201829 Nov,201829 Nov, 201820.00 Crore
4S. S. Steel Limited01 Oct,201828 Oct,201807 Nov,201807 Nov, 201825.00 Crore
5Kattali Textile Limited31 Jul,201828 Aug,201813 Sep,201813 Sep, 201834.00 Crore
6Indo-Bangla Pharmaceuticals Limited19 Feb,201809 Aug,201816 Aug,201816 Aug, 201820.00 Crore
7Silva Pharmaceuticals Limited28 Jun,201829 Jul,201805 Aug,201805 Aug, 201830.00 Crore
8M.L. Dyeing Limited10 Jun,201808 Jul,201819 Jul,201819 Jul, 201820.00 Crore
9VFS Thread Dyeing Limited23 May,201824 Jun,201802 Jul,201802 Jul, 201822.00 Crore
10SK Trims & Industries Ltd10 Apr,201814 May,201822 May,201822 May, 201830.00 Crore
11Intraco Refueling Station Limited18 Feb,201818 Mar,201827 Mar,201827 Mar, 201830.00 Crore
12Advent Pharma Ltd.11 Jan,201811 Feb,201819 Feb,201819 Feb, 201820.00 Crore
13Queen South Textile Mills Ltd.10 Dec,201707 Jan,201815 Jan,201815 Jan, 201815.00 crore
14Nahee Aluminum Composite Panel Ltd.24 Aug,201724 Sep,201703 Oct,201703 Oct, 201715.00 crore
15Oimex Electrode Limited06 Aug,201706 Sep,201713 Sep,201713 Sep, 201715.00 crore
16BBS Cables Ltd25 Apr,201723 May,201704 Jun,201704 Jun, 201720.00 crore
17 Nurani Dyeing & Sweater Limited.02 Mar,201702 Apr,201710 Apr,201710 Apr, 201743.00 crore
18Shepherd Industries Limited08 Dec,201608 Jan,201716 Jan,201716 Jan, 201720.00 crore
19Fortune Shoes Limited19 Jul,201616 Aug,201628 Aug,201628 Aug, 201622.00 crore
20Yeakin Polymer Limited09 Jun,201610 Jul,201620 Jul,201620 Jul, 201620.00 crore
21Evince Textiles Limited04 Apr,201602 May,201612 May,201612 May, 201617.00 crore
22Bangladesh National Insurance Co. Ltd.28 May,201517 Feb,201625 Feb,201625 Feb, 201617.70 crore
23Doreen Power Generation and System Limited07 Jan,201608 Feb,201622 Feb,201622 Feb, 201658.00 crore
24Dragon Sweater & Spinning Limited.15 Dec,201517 Jan,201626 Jan,201626 Jan, 201640.00 crore
25Information Technology Consultants Ltd04 Oct,201502 Nov,201511 Nov,201511 Nov, 201512.00 crore
26Regent Textile Mills Limited 13 Sep,201514 Oct,201525 Oct,201525 Oct, 2015125.00 crore
27Simtex Industries Limited.23 Jul,201524 Aug,201501 Sep,201501 Sep, 201560.00 crore
28 KDS Accessories Limited.08 Jul,201509 Aug,201520 Aug,201520 Aug, 201524.00 crore
29Aman Feed Limited.23 Apr,201525 May,201504 Jun,201504 Jun, 201572.00 crore
30Olympic Accessories Limited.15 Mar,201519 Apr,201523 Apr,201502 May, 201520.00 crore
31Tosrifa Industries Limited.23 Feb,201524 Mar,201531 Mar,201509 Apr, 201563.87 crore
32Bangladesh Steel Re-Rolling Mills Limited.22 Dec,201401 Feb,201505 Feb,201514 Feb, 201561.25 crore
33ZAHEEN SPINNING LTD11 Nov,201428 Dec,201404 Jan,201513 Jan, 201512.00 crore
34Shasha Denims Ltd.05 Nov,201414 Dec,201421 Dec,201430 Dec, 2014175.00 crore
35IFAD AUTOS LIMITED28 Sep,201423 Nov,201427 Nov,201406 Dec, 201463.75 crore
36C & A TEXTILES LIMITED28 Sep,201409 Nov,201413 Nov,201422 Nov, 201445.00 crore
37National Feed Mills Ltd21 Sep,201426 Oct,201430 Oct,201408 Nov, 201418.00 crore
38HAMID FABRICS LIMITED01 Sep,201428 Sep,201402 Oct,201411 Oct, 2014105.00 crore
39 Khan Brothers PP Woven Bag Industries Ltd Corrigendum-KBPPWBIL24 Jun,201424 Aug,201428 Aug,201406 Sep, 201420.00 crore
40Western Marine Shipyard Limited12 Jun,201410 Aug,201414 Aug,201423 Aug, 2014157.50 crore
41 Ratanpur Steel Re-rolling Mills Ltd21 May,201413 Jul,201417 Jul,201426 Jul, 2014100.00 crore
42Saif Powertec Limited22 Apr,201406 Jul,201410 Jul,201419 Jul, 201436.00 crore
43Far East Knitting & Dyeing Industries Limited08 Apr,201415 Jun,201419 Jun,201428 Jun, 201467.50 crore
44Shurwid Industries Ltd21 Apr,201408 Jun,201412 Jun,201421 Jun, 201414.00 crore
45Tung Hai Knitting & Dyeing Ltd07 Apr,201418 May,201422 May,201431 May, 201435.00 crore
46Khulna Printing and Pakaging Ltd.30 Mar,201404 May,201408 May,201417 May, 201440.00 crore
47Shahjibazar Power Co.Ltd.18 Feb,201406 Apr,201410 Apr,201419 Apr, 201431.70 crore
48 The Peninsula Chittagong Ltd-Prospectus15 Jun,201430 Mar,201403 Apr,201412 Apr, 2014165.00 crore
49FAR CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES LTD.05 Feb,201410 Mar,201416 Mar,201425 Mar, 201412.00 crore
50HWA WELL Textiles (BD) Ltd.07 Jan,201417 Feb,201423 Feb,201404 Mar, 201420.00 crore
51 Matin Spinning Mills Ltd.23 Dec,201326 Jan,201430 Jan,201408 Feb, 201463.39 crore
52Emerald Oil Industries Ltd.05 Dec,201306 Jan,201412 Jan,201421 Jan, 201420.00 crore
53AFC AGRO BIOTECH Ltd27 Oct,201308 Dec,201312 Dec,201321 Dec, 201312.00 crore
54Mozaffar Hossain Spinning Mills Ltd.10 Sep,201303 Nov,201307 Nov,201316 Nov, 201327.50 crore
55Appollo Ispat Complex Limited.13 Dec,201206 Oct,201310 Oct,201319 Oct, 2013220.00 crore
56Paramount Textile Ltd.25 Jul,201301 Sep,201305 Sep,201314 Sep, 201384.00 crore
57Bangladesh Building Systems Ltd.23 Jun,201321 Jul,201325 Jul,201303 Aug, 201314.00 crore
58Fareast Finance & Investment Ltd.11 Jun,201314 Jul,201318 Jul,201327 Jul, 201345.00 crore
59Central Pharmaceuticals Ltd. 18 Apr,201326 May,201330 May,201308 Jun, 201314.00 crore
60FAMILYTEX (BD) Ltd.31 Jan,201307 Apr,201311 Apr,201320 Apr, 201334.00 crore
61Bengal Windsor Thermoplastics Ltd.17 Oct,201227 Jan,201331 Jan,201309 Feb, 201340.00 crore
62Orion Pharma Limited.16 Oct,201206 Jan,201310 Jan,201419 Jan, 2013240.00 crore
63Golden Harvest Agro industries Ltd.22 Oct,201223 Dec,201230 Dec,201208 Jan, 201375.00 crore
64Premier Cement Mills Ltd.02 Oct,201217 Dec,201223 Dec,201201 Jan, 201326.40 crore
65Global Heavy Chemicals Ltd07 Oct,201209 Dec,201213 Dec,201222 Dec, 201224.00 crore
66Argon Denims Ltd.10 Oct,201226 Nov,201202 Dec,201211 Dec, 2012105.00 crore
67Summit Purbanchol Power Company Ltd.11 Oct,201211 Nov,201215 Nov,201224 Nov, 2012120.00 crore
68Sunlife Insurance Co. Ltd.01 Oct,201204 Nov,201208 Nov,201217 Nov, 201212.00 crore
69Envoy Textiles Limited.05 Jun,201216 Oct,201222 Oct,201231 Oct, 201290.00 crore
70Generation Next Fashions Ltd.08 Aug,201216 Sep,201220 Sep,201229 Sep, 201230.00 crore
71Unique Hotel & Resorts Limited23 Feb,201215 Apr,201219 Apr,201228 Apr, 2012195.00 crore
72Aamra Technologies Ltd04 Mar,201201 Apr,201205 Apr,201214 Apr, 201251.7728 crore
73Saiham Cotton Mills Limited18 Dec,201104 Mar,201208 Mar,201217 Mar, 201295.00 crore
74GBB Power Limited.30 Oct,201126 Feb,201201 Mar,201210 Mar, 201282.00 crore
75GPH Ispat Ltd.11 Dec,201102 Feb,201209 Feb,201218 Feb, 201260.00 crore
76Bangladesh Submarine Cable Co. Ltd.31 Mar,201224 Jan,201218 Mar,201222 Mar, 2012108.50 crore
77Padma Islami Life Insurance Ltd.29 Nov,201122 Jan,201226 Jan,201204 Feb, 201212.00 crore
78GSP Finance Company(BD) Ltd.27 Nov,201108 Jan,201212 Jan,201221 Jan, 201250.00 crore
79Zahintex Industries Limited08 Aug,201118 Sep,201122 Sep,201101 Oct, 201150.00 crore
80Rangpur Dairy & Food Products Ltd.21 Jul,201111 Sep,201115 Sep,201124 Sep, 201129.41 crore
81Barkatullah Electro Dynamics Limited01 Feb,201106 Mar,201110 Mar,201119 Mar, 201120.00 crore
82Salvo Chemical Industry Limited06 Dec,201030 Jan,201103 Feb,201112 Feb, 201126.00 crore
83MJL Bangladesh Limited05 Dec,201002 Jan,201106 Jan,201115 Jan, 2011487.68 crore
84Deshbandhu Polymer Ltd.Deshbandhu Polymer Ltd.08 Sep,201024 Oct,201018 Oct,201006 Nov, 201016.00 crore
85Active Fine Chemicals Ltd15 Jul,201014 Sep,201020 Sep,201029 Sep, 201016.00 crore
86Beacon Pharmaceuticals Ltd.05 May,201020 Jun,201024 Jun,201003 Jul, 201030.00 crore
87Malek Spinning Mills Ltd.15 Apr,201006 Jun,201010 Jun,201019 Jun, 2010100.00 crore
88United Airways Limited15 Apr,201016 May,201020 May,201029 May, 2010100.00 crore
89RAK Ceramics Ltd.28 Mar,201025 Apr,201029 Apr,201008 May, 2010165.64 crore
90Dhaka Insurance Co. Ltd.01 Sep,200906 Dec,200910 Dec,200919 Dec, 200910.80 crore
91R.N.Spinning Mills Ltd01 Oct,200922 Nov,200922 Nov,200905 Dec, 200930.00 crore
92Provati Insurance Co. Ltd.01 Sep,200915 Nov,200919 Nov,200928 Nov, 20099.00 crore
93Grameenphone Ltd.24 Aug,200904 Oct,200908 Oct,200918 Oct, 2009486.0758 crore
94Dacca Dyeing and Manufacturing Company Limited06 Jul,200930 Aug,200903 Sep,200912 Sep, 200917.00 crore
95Islami Insurance Bangladesh Ltd.06 Jul,200916 Aug,200920 Aug,200929 Aug, 20099.00 crore
96Marico Bangladesh Ltd.05 Jul,200902 Aug,200906 Aug,200916 Aug, 200928.3509 crore
97Rupali Life Insurance Company Ltd.25 Mar,200903 May,200907 May,200916 May, 20094.50 crore
98Asia Insurance Ltd.19 Mar,200919 Apr,200923 Apr,200902 May, 20099.00crore
99Bay leasing International Ltd23 Sep,200818 Jan,200922 Jan,200931 Jan, 200925.50 crore
100BSRM Steel Mills Limited12 Oct,200809 Nov,200813 Nov,200822 Nov, 200820.00 crore
101Republic Insurance Company Limited31 Oct,200826 Oct,200830 Oct,200808 Nov, 20089.00 crore
102National Housing Finance and Investment Limited02 Sep,200805 Oct,200812 Oct,200818 Oct, 20085.00 crore
103Northern General Insurance Company Limited10 Jul,200814 Sep,200818 Sep,200827 Sep, 20089.00 crore