SEC Annual Report,1999-2000 

The idea behind establishment of computer based Management Information System (MIS) at SEC is to achieve better efficiency and accuracy  in day-to-day  office work as well as capital market  supervision and monitoring. The Securities and Exchange Commission Automated System (SECAS) project was initiated in September, 1998 under ADB technical assistance. The project includes establishment of LAN cable system and installation of local area network among all the workstations at SEC, and development of MIS software to meet automation needs of its different departments. Major activities of the project implementation occurred during July 1999--June 2000. These activities are listed below:
  • press tender, LAN cable system acquisition, its installation and testing,
  • press tender, LAN hardware and networking  system  acquisition,  its installation, testing and  commissioning,
  • press tender, customized MIS software system  acquisition and its development, debugging and testing.

A brief description of these three components and their implementation status are given below:

LAN Cable system Installation: 

SEC office accommodation consists of three floors- 15th and 16th floors at Jiban Bima Tower and 5th floor at adjacent annex building. A fiber optic backbone with redundant connectivity has been established across the three floors so that data transmission does not get affected due to huge electrical lines in tower building. At present the cable system has capacity to provide 106 connection nodes . In future it can also be expanded. The cable system has been tested over the period after its installation which is already completed satisfactorily.

LAN Hardware and Network Installation:

LAN hardware  installation mainly includes servers, workstations, network printers etc. installation and networking among them. SECAS has one primary network server (Windows NT), one backup network  server, one database server (MS SQL Server), 35 workstations (Windows NT) and three network printers in three floors which are already installed. Mirroring and tape backup has been installed to protect data against accidental data corruption. LAN hardware installation and networking is now about to be completed.

MIS Software Development:  

SECAS MIS software is a customized software whose back end is MS SQL Server 7 and front end is Visual Basic 6. It includes ten modules as under:

  •  Legal Affairs
  •  Personal Information
  •  Supervision & Monitoring
  •  Compliance and Enforcement
  •  Registration & Licensing
  •  Corporate Finance
  •  Surveillance
  •  Executive Information
  •  System Administration
  •  Document Tracking
The modules were designed on the basis of needs of respective departments. The  vendor has developed all the ten modules up to certain levels. Review, testing and debugging are now on going. Successful completion of development, testing, debugging, installation and data entry of the MIS Software may be dated at the end of December, 2000.
Two Deputy Directors (MIS) have close observation on the entire process of installation and development of SECAS project. They also assist the engineers and developers assigned by the contractors, as they require any technical suggestion and guideline.