SEC Annual Report,1999-2000 

National income:
In the fiscal year 1999—2000 the total Gross Domestic Product (provisional) was Tk. 2,41,274 crore. The provisional GDP growth rate was 5.5%. In 1998-99 GDP growth rate was 4.9%. The size of the Annual Development Program (ADP) in 1999—2000 was Tk. 15,500 crore. Internal sources contributed 50.53% of ADP.

Annual Budget, 2000—2001: 
The Government proposed a number of important measures in the National Budget, 2000—2001 towards the development of capital market. Some of the measures are: 

  • Tax rebate at the rate of 10% for the listed companies for declaring dividend @ 25%  or more;
  • Exemption limit of dividend income raised from Tk. 30,000/- to Tk. 40,000/-; 
  • Tax rebate for investment in the secondary market and;
  • Investment allowance up to Tk. 2,25,000/- will be allowed in place of Tk. 2,00,000/-  if the investment is made in the initial public offering (IPO) of a publicly listed company.

Apart from the above measures, 

  • The provision of tax deduction at source on bonus shares earlier imposed in last year’s  budget was abolished.