SEC Annual Report,1998-99 

During 1998-99 this section publishes the following Review and Reports of the Commission: --
Quarterly Review –         July-September, 98
Quarterly Review –         October-December, 98
Quarterly Review –         January-March, 99
Quarterly Review –         April-June, 99
Annual Report –              1997-98

Besides monthly activities report of the Commission are regularly sent to the Ministry of Finance. The Annual Report of the Commission is being sent to the Ministry of Finance, Cabinet Division through the Ministry of Finance and Bangladesh Bank.

Investors’ Education Program: 

From the last day of the preceding financial year i.e. 30th June 1999 SEC launched a weekly Investors’ Education Program to educate the general public about the capital market of the country. This program is held regularly on every Wednesday from 10:00 A.M. to 1:00 P.M.  A total of 25 persons are enrolled for each course on first comes first serve basis.

The training course includes – Functioning of SEC, DSE and CSE, Investment in the Secondary Market, Investment in the Primary Market and Central Depository System. Meanwhile, considerable number of participants has enlisted their names with the on-going SEC’s training program. 

Depository News:  

The Depository Act, 1999 (VI of 1999) was approved by the parliament on 5th of April, 1999 and got the consent of the Hon’ble President on 13th April 1999 and gazetted on the same date.
As per the provision of section 17 of the act, the SEC has drafted the Depository Regulation, 1999, which will cover registration of the Depository Company. The remaining portion of the regulation will be framed in due course and in consultation with the Depository Company as suggested by the ADB consultant.

Depository Company Formed: 

For scripless trading and smooth operation of depository system, Bangladesh National Securities Depositories Company was formed on 11 May, 1999 with DSE, CSE, Sonali Bank, Janata Bank, Agrani Bank, Rupali Bank, ICB, Bankers Association, Foreign Industries Chamber, Association of Listed Companies and Insurance Association says a press release. The company will have a paid-up capital of Tk.25.00 crore.