SEC Annual Report,1998-99 

Securities and Exchange Commission started activities on development of Management Information System (MIS) since 1998 under ADB-TA project SECAS (Securities and Exchange Commission Automation System). Two MIS Consultants, International MIS Consultant and Local MIS Consultant are assigned with the project. Deputy Directors (MIS) of SEC analysed the requirements  of SEC and designed a computerised Management Information System under supervision of the Consultants, which is now on the way of finalisation and implementation. The components of MIS activities that have been completed within the period are as follows:
  • A committee was formed in order to confirm Y2K readiness among SEC, DSE and CSE.
  • Regarding Y2K readiness at SEC, Deputy Directors (MIS) performed a thorough examination on all existing computers. 19 computers found Y2K complaint and 3 computers failed to prove Y2K readiness.
  • On going project SECAS (Securities And Exchange Commission Automation System) will be Y2K complaint. 
  • Request for preparation and supply of section wise MIS needs. 
  • Interaction and analysis of the MIS requirements for different departments of SEC.
  • Preparation of the tables, screens, reports and table relations for the MIS.
  • Preparation of the request for proposal (RFP) for SEC automated system (SECAS).
  • Submission of the RFP to SEC for review and acceptance.
  • Release tender for procurement of LAN Cabling System, hardware and software.
  • Overseas training of the MIS officers; One officer obtained training at SEBI India from 2nd April to 21st April 1999 and the other officer obtained training at Monetary Authority of Singapore from 17th May to 21st May 1999.