SEC Annual Report,1998-99 

Deparments of the SEC and Their Function
Administration &Finance 
Functions § Human resources

§ Finance & Accounts

§ Revenue Collection

§ General Administration

§ Organization

§ SEC Library

§ Technical Assistance Project

§ Initial registration & annual renewal of securities dealers/brokers and their authorized representatives, investment advisers, merchant bankers, portfolio managers & mutual funds

§ Suspension & revocation of the registrants

§ Framing fit & proper guidelines

§ Audit & inspection of merchant bankers/portfolio managers & mutual funds

§ Code of conduct for fund manager & merchant bankers/portfolio managers

§ Set curricula and examination procedure for market intermediaries

§ Supervise the activities of Credit Rating Agency

§ Floatation of Mutual Funds 

Corporate Finance
Supervision of Markets & Enforcement
Functions § Capital Raining: IPO and other forms of equity & debt (debenture/bonds) capital raising

§ Regulation of listed companies

§ Regulation of corporate disclosure

§ Oversight of listing functions of stock exchanges

§ Regulation of disclosure of interest by directors, officers, major shareholders

§ Supervision & monitoring of fund utilization

§ Policy on share repurchase

§ New products

§ Other collective investment scheme

§ Oversight of stock exchanges and market- rules, regulations, management and operation 

§ Automated trading regulation

§ Investors’ compensation fund

§ Market integration

§ Investigation into market manipulation, malpractices and insider trading

§ Investigation into suspected misconduct of registered persons

§ Dealing with complaints

§ Disciplinary proceeding & hearings

Market Surveillance
MIS, Research & Development
Functions § Trade Surveillance of stock exchanges

§ Monitoring market watch surveillance system 

§ Market intelligence and contact

§ Supervision of stock exchanges market surveillance functions

§ Inspection of accounts/ transactions of stock exchanges & brokers/dealers of stock exchanges

§ Provide technical and information management expertise to SEC

§ Develop and maintain MIS for SEC operating divisions

- Stock market monitoring system

- Data base of registered persons

- SEC internal accounting control and audit

- Data base of listed companies

§ Research and analysis on various aspects of domestic and foreign capital markets

§ Capital market development, short & long term SEC work plan

§ Administers internal & external SEC informational programs

§ Central clearing and depository system 

§ Oversight of clearing and depository company

§ Risk management of clearing company

§ Investors’ Education Program

§ Public Reference Room

§ Preparing position paper on capital market

§ publication of annual report & quarterly review & other publications

§ Market economy

Legal Service
Chairman’s Office
Functions § Legal advice to SEC and interpretation on laws and regulations

§ Prosecution & court cases

§ Framing of laws/rules/regulations & amendments thereof

§ Legal service to SEC operating divisions

§ Legal service on disciplinary proceedings

§ Professional support to Chairman

§ Media & Public Relations

§ Liaison with overseas securities regulatory agencies and IOSCO

§ Liaison with Government

§ Secretariat to Board & Committees

§ Local and International Training