SEC Annual Report,1997-98 

During the reporting year the Commission managed the following Technical Assistance Projects.

1. Project Name : Capacity Building of SEC &   Stock Exchanges

2. Executing Agency : SEC/ADB


To help develop SEC`s capabilities  to implement Regulations, conduct market supervision, and develop market. A long-term Advisor will be posted at SEC to assist both the Commission and the  Exchanges to complete their reforms for improving their operational  capabilities. Implementation of the TA-driven policy measures are consistent with the GOB`s program to develop the Capital market  CMDP.


The proposed  TA will  effectively establish a regulatory regime by

  • Establishing a Monitoring-Surveillance System, and developing the surveillance capacity of SEC
  • Designing/installing automated Management Information System (MIS) for data collection, monitoring and supervision, and ensuring its compatibility and connectivity with the automated trading systems 
  • Training/conducting Audit-Inspection of market intermediaries 
  • Investigating/preparing securities cases for prosecution
  • Operationalizing a Central Depository System(CDS)
  • Establishing an Investors  Protection Fund, and
  • Integrating development of the domestic stock market

  • In addition, the TA will provide  external training for selected group of M/O finance officials (Charged with CMDP implementation) along with SEC,DSE, and CSE employees.

    No of Consultant

    Package Consulting Firm
    (ISC of Hong Kong & Aries group Ltd. USA)

    Market Development 

    A. Training

  • organize means & methods of improving  skills   for HRD:
  • develop investors, Market Players for “development”.
  • twin with overseas SECs  for modernizing”;
  • B. System Design 
  • prepare a feasibility study of a CDS  for “efficiency”;
  • establish  urgently OTC and Bond market for   “correction”;
  • modernize procedures   in the Exchanges for   “transparency”;
  • C. Accounting
  • standardize procedures for IPO proposals/disclosures
  • prepare   guidelines for registering market intermediaries
  • review audit  standards and supervise improvements
  • This immediate  objectives will be  subsumed  into the long-term TA for industrial strengthening and modernization of the capital market in Bangladesh

    No of Consultant :

    Expatriate : 
    Package consulting firm  Aeries Group, Ltd. USA, and  
    ISC, Hong Kong

    Local : 
    Consulting firms:
    ATAZ Bangladesh
    Contessa Consultant Ltd.

    UNDP Technical Assistance

    Under the  UNDP TA,  a Team was selected for the assignments of : 

  • strengthening the operation-capability of SEC,
  • better governance of the capital market,
  • re-establishing supervision of the market,
  • improve monitoring through automated MIS, and
  • developing new systems as and when required.
  • The Consultants Team was consisted of 
  • Mr. Kenneth E. Newman
  • Mr. Gordon E. Hippner
  • Mr. James F. Peck
  • Ms. Susan M. Selwyn
  • Ms. Estella Tang
  • Mr. James O'Donnel

  • The Team was assisted by some local experts from different discipline. They are Mr S A Ferdousi, Mr Imdadul Haque, Mr Quddus Chowdhury, Mr Imran Rahman, Mr Feisal Siddiqui, Mr Mansur Ahmed and Mr. Momenur Rahman.