SEC Annual Report,1997-98 

Supervision and Monitoring Section of the SEC is responsible for supervising and monitoring of the listed public companies and the trading/market operations and activities of the stock exchanges, stock dealer/ brokers which covers the following important aspects:
  • Issuance of allotments, refunds and shares;
  • Underwrites subscription;
  • Listing, fund utilization & project implementation;
  • Annual General Meeting (AGMs) and EGMs.;
  • Declaration and payment of dividends by the listed companies;
  • Payment of interest on debenture and principal payments;
  • Price sensitive declaration by listed companies;
  • Evaluation of corporate results of the listed companies;
  • Annual reports & Accounts, Half yearly Accounts;
  • Share holding, transfers etc.;
  • Trading of securities and price movements;
  • Monitoring of Stock Exchanges and Members (Stock Dealers; Stock Brokers);
  • Handling of investors grievances/complaintsagainst issuer and stock dealers/brokers etc.;
  • Monitoring and supervision of the trading and 
  • settlement system of the Stock Exchanges.

  • AGMs

    During the FY 1997-98 a total of 180 out of 204 public listed Companies held AGM. Thus 88.23% of the listed companies held AGM in the FY 1997-98 as compared to 92% during the pervious year.


    During  the FY 1997-98 out of 204 listed companies a total of 101 Nos. of dividend declarations were given by 100 companies ranging 5% to 90%.
    During the period 16 companies declared stock dividend raging from 20% to 100%.

    The section has activated a strong and effective monitoring for timely payment of dividends by the listed companies which is vital for protecting interest of the investors in this respect.


    As regards to the monitoring of payment of interest on debenture by listed companies the S&M section is active/vigilant in monitoring payment of interest on debentures by 12 listed companies.

    Monitoring and examining fund utilization raised through IPO or Right Offer to ensure whether the fund is utilized in accordance with the Offer Document. Periodical progress report is collected as per format prescribed by SEC for both the physical progress and capital investment made in the project for implementation and to observe whether the project implementation is in line with the offer document.

    Monitoring of the annual reports published by a listed company for a particular financial year before itís Annual General Meeting is undertaken to oversee whether the published annual reports are in line with the Companies Act and Securities Laws. In case of any non-compliance of the said Rules and Act, the Company is asked to comply with the Rules and also to inform the concerned authorities (i.e. SEC, stock exchanges and, shareholders) about the steps taken in this respect.

    Monitoring of Half Yearly Accounts (Un-audited) published at the end of each half year by a listed company is undertaken for making sure that itís preparation is as per SECís rules and laws. In case of any non-compliance, directives are given to the companies to take appropriate measures.

    Other important function of the Section relates to monitoring shareholdings position  of the Company Directors and handling of complaints against the issuer companies, Stock Dealers Brokers etc.

    Nomination on CSE  Board

    SEC nominated Mr. A. K. M. Shamsuddin, President, Foreign Investors Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Professor Abu Ahmed, Department of Economics, Dhaka University as Directors of the Board of Directors of Chittagong Stock Exchange.