SEC Annual Report,1997-98 

I am pleased to publish the Annual Report of the SEC for the Financial Year 1997-98. This is the fifth Annual Report since the establishment of the Commission.

As required under Section 15(2) of the Securities and Exchange Commission Act, 1993 the Report contains brief account of Commission activities and performance of the Capital Market.

During the period under review, SEC has formulated Rules and Regulations to streamline the corporate governance of Securities Market.

The Monitoring and Surveillance activities of The SEC were strengthened and expanded during the period under review.

I wish to extend our sincere appreciation to all players of our Securities Market, Viz Investors, Stock Exchanges, Listed Companies, Merchant Bankers, Banking and Insurance Community as well as other Financial and Market Intermediaries who have made significant contribution.

I also gratefully acknowledge the cooperation of UNDP, Asian Development Bank, IOSCO, Banking Wing of the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Law, Bangladesh Bank, Stock Exchanges, Investment Corporation of Bangladesh and Board of Investment in assisting the SEC.

M. A. Syed