SEC Annual Report,2000-2001
    National income: 

    In the fiscal year 20002001,the total Gross Domestic Product (provisional) was Tk. 2,58,068 crore. The provisional GDP growth rate was 6.04%. In 1999-2000 GDP growth rate was 5.5%. The size of the Annual Development Program (ADP) in 20002001 was Tk. 17,500 crore. Internal sources contributed 46.20% of ADP.

    Annual Budget, 20012002: 

    For improvement of the capital market, tax exemption limit on dividend income from the listed companies has been increased to Tk. 100,000 from Tk. 40,000 in the budget for FY 2001-2002.

    Besides, the following incentives given in the previous year for the capital market will also continue: 

    Tax rebate at the rate of 10% for the listed companies declaring dividend @ 25% or more;

    Tax rebate for investment in the secondary market;

    Investment allowance up to Tk. 2,25,000/- allowed in place of Tk. 2,00,000/- if the investment is made in the initial public offering (IPO) of a publicly listed company; and

    Withdrawal of tax deduction at source on bonus shares.