No. SEC/CMRRCD/2001-12/284                                                       Dated: 6th April 2004







Further  to the Commission’s Order No.SEC/CMRRCD/2001-12/266 dated 18th March 2004, the Commission hereby also partially modifies its earlier order No. SEC/CMRRCD/2001-12/257 dated 14th March 2004 to read Quote ‘A’ and  ‘B’-category companies Unquote in place of Quote ‘A’-category companies Unquote mentioned in the second para of the said order of 14th March 2004:


Provided, however, that in case of ‘B’-category companies, the applicability of ‘T+4’  (T+2 & T+2) period shall be effective from the date not later than the first trading day commencing on the 17th April 2004.




By order of the Commission



Mansur Alam

Executive Director


Dhaka Stock Exchange Ltd.

Chittagong Stock Exchange Ltd.